1/2"-5/8" Quikbinder Plus Ratchet Loadbinder

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18.20 LBS
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1/2"-5/8" Quikbinder Plus Ratchet Loadbinder

This premium patented ratchet binder is unlike any other loadbinder available on the market. Designed for use with either Grade 70 Transport or Grade 80 Alloy tie-down chains. The Quikbinder™ Plus is the easier to install than standard ratchet load binders.  The 3 position powel design offers a faster time of securing a load. The folding handles make the Quikbinder™ Plus safer and more convenient to use. This product can also be locked to the tie down chain with a long shank padlock, making it more difficult to tamper with the binding, assembly, or load. Meets DOT/CVSA/CCMTA requirements. 


  • Take up: 6.00 Inches

  • Handle Length: 

    • Folded: 9.50 Inches

    • Straight: 13.90 Inches

  • WLL: 18,100 lbs./ 8,210 kg. 

  • Made by Peerless Chains.

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