Coil Racks For Securing Heavy Coils Prevents Accidents

Coil Racks For Securing Heavy Coils Prevents Accidents

Posted by Admin on 28th Sep 2018

Use Coil Racks For Securing Heavy Coils To Prevent Accidents

A coil rack is designed to safely haul heavy coils that are loaded and placed on a flatbed trailer. The coil rack keeps the coils off the surface of the trailer. Coil racks are only needed when the center of the coil is facing the sides (crosswise) or when the center of the coil is facing lengthwise (either to the back or the front). While coils that weigh less than 5000 pounds can be secured through the use of flatbed load securement equipment that uses general securement requirements, coil shipments that weigh more than 5000 pounds have to be secured according to more specific securement requirements in order to prevent accidents from occurring.

Benefits Of Beveled Lumber & Flatbed Coil Racks:

Benefits of beveled lumber and flatbed coil racks to transport coils include:

  • Beveled lumber is made of hardwood and serves as a block to hold coils in place. Since a coil is made in a circular shape, the circle makes less contact with a flatbed because there is less surface area in contact with the trailer. This means less of a grip for coils to stay in place so something needs to be placed to prevent the coils from moving.
  • Lumber with a beveled edge provides a larger surface area for coils to make contact with during a delivery. Scrap lumber usually has a square edge with less surface area. Beveled lumber provides a force to block coils from moving.
  • Flatbed coil racks keep coils up, and off, the trailer surface. As mentioned above, they are needed when the center of the coil faces lengthwise or crosswise.

Heavy-Duty Flatbed Load Securement Equipment

The use of heavy-duty flatbed load securement equipment prevents accidents on the road as well as during the cargo loading process. The use of beveled lumber or flatbed coil racks depends on a number of factors including the preference of the driver, the total weight of the coils and the size of the cargo load and/or the flatbed trailer. Either option can provide superior results in terms of keeping a cargo load safe and secure during the delivery process and eliminating any concerns about the coils coming loose on the road.

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