Flatbed Side Kits Reduce Manual Tarping Of Loads

Flatbed Side Kits Reduce Manual Tarping Of Loads

Posted by Admin on 30th Aug 2018

Flatbed Side Kits Reduce Manual Tarping Of Loads

When the average person thinks about the cargo that goes on a flatbed truck, they imagine all of it arranged on the back of the flatbed and then covered using a tarp. However, not all cargo needs to be placed under flatbed trailer tarps in order to keep it in good condition. Side kits are made to shelter cargo items from the elements during the transportation of a flatbed load. They are designed to let the driver set-up or remove rigid panel trailer enclosures as necessary. Plus, the fact that some items can be placed in flatbed side kits means less time and energy is spent on the manual tarping of loads. Why? Because the more items that go in a side kit, the less items that need to be manually tarped and placed on the actual flatbed.

Side Kits Top Benefits:

There are a number of benefits that come from using flatbed side kits including:

  • Ease of loading and unloading cargo - Items placed in side kits means they do not have to be covered with a flatbed trailer tarp. The items can be locked and unlocked in the side kit for easy transportation without the need for manual tarping.
  • Simplified deliveries - The use of side kits allows easier access to multiple parts of a load. This means multiple drop loads can be performed from a single trailer while a driver is travelling the delivery route.
  • No tarp required - The need to tarp all of the cargo is not necessary as side kits are made of rigid panels that protect the cargo from any and all weather elements.

Flatbed Trailer Tarps & Covers Custom-Made To Fit

Flatbed trailer tarps serve the important purpose of covering and protecting a cargo load from road debris and the weather. It is important to remember that not all tarps are created equally. They vary in size as well as the weight of the tarp. Flatbed trailer tarps are custom made to fit individual flatbeds in order to properly cover and protect a cargo area. When it comes to manually tarping a cargo load, the driver must keep the size and weight of the tarp in mind to properly secure the load.

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