Flatbed Straps Are Critical In Securing Your Trailer Loads

Flatbed Straps Are Critical In Securing Your Trailer Loads

Posted by Tri City Canvas on 16th Mar 2018

Flatbed Cargo Straps Are Critical In Securing Your Trailer Loads

As recently as 2015, the failure to properly secure any equipment or cargo on a commercial vehicle was the 4th leading violation that caused vehicles to be placed out of service (OOS). The content transported on a flatbed trailer is also easily seen by the naked eye. Cargo securing mistakes that can be hidden in a van, or another covered vehicle, can’t be concealed on a flatbed. That’s why flatbed cargo straps and chain hooks from Tri-City Canvas are a critical element in securing your trailer loads. Strong and durable flatbed equipment prevents accidents on the road as well as damage to your cargo. Properly securing your cargo with flatbed cargo straps and chain hooks ensures your cargo will make it to its destination safe and secure.

Safety is No Accident

There’s an old saying that says “It’s a cliche because it’s true”. That cliche applies to “safety is no accident”. Safely securing your trailer load with proper flatbed equipment prevents accidents.

  • Determine the Load Size - Four-inch flatbed cargo straps can handle 5800 pounds while two-inch straps handle a load of 3335 pounds. Find the load capacity on your current straps. Never exceed the strap load capacity.
  • Chain Hooks Placed Down the Safety Rail - The hooks of the chains need to be threaded through the safety rail before being hooked to the trailer underframe. Throw the chains over the cargo and repeat the safety rail process. Placing a chain binder on each chain ensures the chains will stay in place.
  • Extra Safety Measure - Always use more chains or straps than the weight of the load to provide an extra layer of security.

Check the Load Before You Leave and During Your Delivery

You can never be too careful when you have cargo on your flatbed trailer. Besides making sure the load is secured once it is on the flatbed, it is a good idea to periodically pull over to make sure all of your flatbed cargo straps and chain hooks are still secured properly. There is always a chance that the chains or straps will stretch or shift during the transportation process. Checking the security of the flatbed equipment, especially when driving through bad weather or on rough roads, ensures the safety of your cargo load.

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