Flatbed Tarps: What Every Truck Driver Should Know

Flatbed Tarps: What Every Truck Driver Should Know

Posted by Tri-City Canvas on 29th Jun 2018

Flatbed Tarps: What Every Truck Driver Should Know

Flatbed tarps provide safety for both the flatbed driver and the cargo load during a delivery. Properly secured flatbed trailer tarps keep the cargo load secure and positioned on the flatbed. They also provide peace of mind for the driver as he doesn’t have to worry about the load shifting or coming loose from the flatbed during the delivery. While being able to properly place and secure a flatbed tarp using trailer tie downs might seem difficult or intimidating at first, it is a skill that gets easier the more a person performs the act. Every truck driver should be experienced and comfortable with using flatbed tarps on a regular basis.

Flatbed Trailer Tarps And The Different Types

Flatbed trailer tarps come in different designs and are used according to the specific needs of the cargo load. Here are the main types of flatbed tarps:

  • Steel tarp are four-sided and do not have flaps. This tarp is heavy duty and best used for protecting cables and steel rods.
  • Lumber tarps have the flaps placed at the end in order to cover the ends of a load from the elements.
  • Smoke tarps are designed to serve one main purpose. They cover the front portion of a cargo load in order to protect it from items such as soot, smoke from the exhaust and dirt. Plus, this type of tarp stops the wind from creating a loud and distracting sound when it blows against items such as steel or PVC pipes.

Trailer Tie Downs And Tarp Protectors

Trailer tie downs and tarp protectors work in tandem to secure and protect a cargo load that is scheduled for delivery. Trailer tie downs secure the cargo onto the flatbed truck trailer. The tie downs can be adjusted to compensate for the size and weight of the cargo load in order to properly secure the items. Once the cargo is secured and ready to be delivered, a flatbed trailer tarp protector is placed over the cargo to protect it from debris and weather conditions while on the road. Trailer tie downs and tarp protectors can be considered a team that works together to keep the cargo safe!

If you are ready to learn how flatbed tarps keep cargo secure, give us a call and we’ll help you find the correct flatbed trailer tarp for your delivery needs!

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