Headache Racks Verses Bulkheads: What’s The Difference?

Headache Racks Verses Bulkheads: What’s The Difference?

Posted by Tri-City Canvas on 15th Jun 2018

Headache Racks Verses Bulkheads: What’s The Difference?

Are you getting a headache trying to determine the difference between a headache rack and a bulkhead? While it might seem like the terms are interchangeable, there is actually a big difference between the two pieces of equipment. A headache rack is a panel made of aluminum alloy that is permanently attached to the back of a truck to provide protection from any cargo that shifts and could possibly penetrate the cab. A bulkhead does much the same thing except it is attached to the trailer instead of the truck. Plus, a bulkhead is not permanently attached so it can be removed or installed according to the needs of the load. Knowing the difference between headache racks and bulkheads can save you time and money when planning your next flatbed load securement.

Benefits Of Headache Racks For Semi Trucks

Now that you’ve learned the main function of headache racks for semi trucks, let’s look at some of the benefits of using them during your deliveries:

  • A headache rack provides extra safety when you are securing heavy, bulky or awkward loads. From long load items such as ladders, to bulky cargo that might shift during transit, a headache racks prevents them from coming into the rear window of the truck. A headache rack can save you from getting an actual headache from an item hitting the truck!
  • Headache racks allow you to easily mount items such as antennas and lights on the truck without impacting your line of vision while driving.
  • Toolboxes can be directly mounted to a headache rack for semi trucks without the need to drill them into the truck bed.

Flatbed Load Securement Products Every Truck Driver Needs

In order to make flatbed load securement more efficient, there are a few products every truck driver needs to make the process easy. One of the first items is winch straps because they are made with a heavy duty webbing material and come with a flat or wire hook or a chain anchor. After the winch straps are tightened down, they provide maximum cargo securement strength. Once the cargo is properly secured, you need to plan for the elements during your drive. A truck cover protects your load from the heat of the sun as well as rain and the wind. We make custom truck covers of all sizes to help you safely protect your cargo while it is being delivered.

To learn more about headache racks for semi trucks, as well as proper flatbed load securement, give us call to discuss your cargo securement needs.

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