How To Mount Underbody Tool Box On Flatbeds

How To Mount Underbody Tool Box On Flatbeds

Posted by Admin on 14th Sep 2018

How To Mount Underbody Tool Box On Flatbeds

An underbody tool box is an effective way to store chains, binders and other equipment necessary for transporting cargo with your flatbed truck. Before you begin mounting a flatbed tool box, make sure you follow the proper steps to prepare for the task. Know the location of items such as the fuel line and/or tanks on the flatbed to avoid cutting them by accident when you drill holes. In addition, identify the location of any electrical wires in the area where you are mounting the underbody tool box. You don’t want to get a shock (or worse) simply because you decided to mount a flatbed storage box. Finally, you need an assortment of tools and parts to properly secure the underbody tool box. These include washers, bolts and locknuts as well as a wrench or socket, a drill and safety glasses to protect your eyes at all times.

Mounting Instructions For Underbody Flatbed Tool Boxes

Mounting an underbody flatbed tool box is as easy as 1-2-3 (steps)!

  • The first step is the use of the correct mounting brackets to keep the tool box from dropping off the truck. Ask our experienced staff to make sure you have the correct brackets.
  • Before drilling a hole in your support brackets, make sure you know exactly where you want to install the brackets on your flatbed.
  • Besides drilling a hole in the support bracket, you need to drill holes at the base/bottom of the box. You will then secure the box to the brackets using nuts and bolts. In order to achieve proper mounting, make sure the spaces between the support brackets match the box size.

Flatbed Storage Boxes To Store Your Equipment

Once the underbody tool box is properly attached to your flatbed, you can use it to store equipment. Please note a flatbed storage box such as this one should only be used to store and transport equipment and tools that are small in size. You should never transport items that are explosive or flammable in nature such as gasoline, dynamite, propane tanks or other materials that are potentially hazardous to the public. These items require special transport equipment to secure them and keep them from igniting or exploding. If you are not sure about transporting a certain item, check with safety experts before loading any cargo.

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