Prevent Metal Fatigue And Reduce Stress On Your Flatbed Trailer

Prevent Metal Fatigue And Reduce Stress On Your Flatbed Trailer

Posted by Tri-City Canvas on 16th May 2018

Prevent Metal Fatigue And Reduce Stress On Your Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers are loaded and unloaded on a daily basis. You might not realize that the constant moving and removing of supplies can cause stress to a flatbed trailer. This stress creates metal fatigue that can end the transportation life of both the flatbed trailer and flatbed ramp. The repeated loading and unloading of heavy items can strain the supports and frames of the trailer. One way to prevent metal fatigue is by making sure you have a heavy duty ramp to handle the weight and stress of the cargo load. Cargo loads that go above a certain weight create microscopic cracks that eventually grow to a larger size and the metal begins to fracture. A heavy duty flatbed ramp can handle loads of all sizes and extend the life of your flatbed trailer.

Discover the Benefits of a Heavy Duty Ramp

One of the most important items, when trying to prevent metal fatigue while loading a flatbed trailer, is having a flatbed ramp that can properly handle heavy loads. Here are just a few of the benefits of a heavy duty ramp:

  • A reinforced heavy duty flatbed ramp can transfer loading weight to the ground as well as keep any additional strain off the main flatbed structure and beams. The loading weight can include the main cargo and any flatbed accessories that need to be transported to secure the cargo load.
  • Look for a ramp that comes with adjustable, and spring assisted, load equalizers. They reduce the stress on the main beam of a trailer and lessen the amount of trailer flex and metal fatigue created by going up the ramp with a heavy cargo load.

Heavy Duty Ramps Save Money and Extend the Flatbed Trailer Life

Metal fatigue can take a toll on transporting a cargo load in many ways. A small amount of metal fatigue, created by the strain on the flatbed trailer from the weight of loading the cargo and flatbed accessories, can quickly turn into a larger amount of metal fatigue. A heavy duty ramp is one of the easiest, and most cost efficient, ways to properly load a flatbed trailer while reducing the amount of metal fatigue on the main beam and the structure of the flatbed trailer.

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