Quality Flatbed Trailer Tarps Perform Better In Bad Weather

Quality Flatbed Trailer Tarps Perform Better In Bad Weather

Posted by Tri City Canvas on 31st Mar 2018

Quality Flatbed Trailer Tarps Perform Better In Bad Weather

There will be times severe weather will be a factor during your driving experience. Extreme weather can have an impact on both your safety and the merchandise you are hauling. When planning for a delivery during severe weather, quality flatbed trailer tarps perform better than chains and hooks. These flatbed trailer tarps, available from Tri-City Canvas, are an investment worth making for your business. There are heavy-duty tarps for trucks that are specially designed for harsh elements. These tarps include coil tarps which are used to protect aluminum or steel coils from the elements and smoke tarps designed to cover the top front of a load while also protecting it from exhaust smoke, dirt and soot.

Preparing for Bad Weather

When a driver knows bad weather is going to happen on the road, he also knows it is time to make sure the tarps are secured and ready to handle any weather situation. Here are some important reasons why flatbed trailer tarps perform so well in severe weather:

  • Air pockets can allow fabric to move and that could be an issue heading into extraordinarily high winds. Tarps, including coil and smoke tarps, can be adjusted to eliminate potential air pockets and prevent them from flapping in the wind.
  • Severe weather is not limited to wind and rain. Driving in the blazing sun also has the potential to cause damage to a load. Heavy duty truck tarps are two to three times as thick as regular tarps. They are also made of a material that reflects UV rays and provides much needed shade for the materials being transported on the flatbed.

Always Use Good Judgement

No matter how much a driver prepares his flatbed trailer tarps for bad weather, there is no substitute for good judgement when it comes to being prepared for the elements. An experienced driver knows when it is okay to drive and when it is best to not brave severe weather conditions. Each season bring weather challenges across the country ranging from snow and ice to tornadoes and hurricanes. Weather is unpredictable and it up to the driver to determine the best way to secure the flatbed, and its cargo, in order to safely arrive at the destination.

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