Ratchet Binders Vs Lever Binders For Securing Chains

Ratchet Binders Vs Lever Binders For Securing Chains

Posted by Admin on 31st Oct 2018

Ratchet Binders Vs Lever Binders For Securing Chains

Chain binders are tools used to tighten chains that secure cargo to a flatbed trailer. The two most common styles of chain binders are ratchet binders and lever binders. A ratchet binder, AKA a ratchet chain, uses a ratcheting mechanism to create tension in the chain in order to safely secure the load. This binder has a ratchet handle and two tension hooks on each end of the binder. A lever binder, which is also called a snap binder or lever chain, has a lever and a tension hook on each end. The lever is used to increase the force that is applied to a tie-down. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of chain binder and the one used often depends on the preference of the driver.

Ratchet & Lever Binders Difference

Some of the differences between ratchet and lever binders include:

  • Ratchet binders are often viewed as a safer option because the design of the binder does not store as much energy in the handle. This reduces the risk of the bar snapping back on the person working the binder.
  • Lever binders are usually easier to install thanks to its simpler design. This means they are fewer parts to the binder and they can quickly be secured and released.
  • Ratchet binders have the lever and screw working together and the force applied to the tie-down is manually increased. This means it takes less pulling on the handle to apply any tension to the binder.
  • Lever binders store energy in the handle which means it can be harder to tighten since it requires more strength to use it.

Heavy-Duty Chain Binders For Your Transport Chains

Heavy-duty chain binders are an essential element in securing transport chains to a flatbed. The transport chains cover the cargo and keep it secure on the flatbed while the delivery is taking place. In turn, ratchet binders and lever binders keep the chains covering the cargo tight so there will not be any sliding or movement of the cargo. Proper placement of chain binders gives a person peace of mind as they start the delivery because they know the cargo is securely fastened under the transport chains held in place by the chain binders.

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