Ratchet Straps Are Crucial To Prevent Flatbed Load Shifting

Ratchet Straps Are Crucial To Prevent Flatbed Load Shifting

Posted by Admin on 15th Aug 2018

Ratchet Straps Are Crucial To Prevent Flatbed Load Shifting

Ensuring the safety of your cargo is crucial to delivering the load on your flatbed. Truckers use a variety of products to protect their cargo including such items as chains, hooks and nylon ropes. Another key item used to secure a cargo load is ratchet straps. These tie down straps make sure the flatbed load does not move or shift and stays firmly in place. By using winch straps, you can be sure your cargo will arrive in the same condition as when it was loaded. Ratchet straps made out of strong polyester webbing also keep other drivers on the road safe thanks to the flatbed load being held in position by the straps.

Tie Down Straps: Tips

When it comes to properly using tie down straps, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Arrange the cargo properly on the flatbed - Properly arranged cargo items are easy to cover with a tarp that can be secured with ratchet straps.
  • Secure the tarp with straps - After the proper tarp is chosen and placed on the flatbed, the next step in the process is taking the time to tie the trap to the flatbed with straps. Some flatbeds have tie down straps built into the flatbed. For trucks without this feature, use winch or ratchet straps to make sure the cargo stays in place.
  • Different straps handle different flatbed load limits - Multiple straps give you peace of mind while also keeping cargo secure on the flatbed with no danger of shifting or moving during the delivery process.

Winch Straps For Holding Down Loads

Winch straps come in different sizes depending on the weight of the cargo load being transported, No matter which size winch strap you have to use, they all work towards the same goal of successfully securing and delivering your cargo load. It is up to each driver to know the weight of the cargo load so a decision can be made about whether a winch strap with a flat hook anchor or a chain hook is the best choice for your delivery needs.

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