Semi Truck Steps: More Than A Stepping Device

Semi Truck Steps: More Than A Stepping Device

Posted by Admin on 16th Jul 2018

Semi Truck Steps: More Than A Stepping Device

It might seem like the only purpose of semi truck steps is to help a person get in and out of a truck. While this is an important function, there is more to them than this important task. A quality step box can be used for storage as well as safely stepping in and out of a truck in all kinds of weather. A step box makes use of unused, and hard to reach, frame space to provide additional storage for drivers. Many aluminum semi truck step boxes come with rubber seals to keep the contents dry while also having a tread on them to reduce the chances of slipping and falling while on the steps. We offer aluminum boxes in multiple sizes including 12, 18, 24 and 36 inches. Any of these sizes help make life easier on the road for flatbed drivers.

The Benefits Of Aluminum Step Boxes

As mentioned above, there are multiple benefits to utilizing step boxes on a daily basis:

  • A step box can serve as a storage unit for a driver. The amount of items that can be stored depends on the size of the step box. However, the average step box can hold items such as chains, binders, bungee cords, straps and even some trucking gear.
  • The step box can also be an “emergency kit” for flatbed drivers in need of help. These items can include daily essentials such as a flashlight, ice scrapper, wrenches and a screwdriver. The “emergency kit” can also include first aid items such as band aids and aspirin or safety flags and road flares if something has happened to the flatbed.

Diamond Tread Deck Plate For Tough Looking Semi Trucks

A diamond tread deck plate is named that because the design of the plate features a raised pattern of diamonds on one side. This type of deck plate is weather-proof no matter what kind of conditions you drive in on the road. They are resistant to corrosion and “anti-slip” which means you don’t have to worry about falling while walking on the deck plate. A diamond tread deck plate is both decorative and functional. Besides keeping you safe while stepping or walking on the deck plate, its look is both sleek and modern and gives drivers the “tough look” they desire for their truck.

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