What Are The Top Cargo Control Violations You Can Avoid?

What Are The Top Cargo Control Violations You Can Avoid?

Posted by Admin on 15th Oct 2018

What Are The Top Cargo Control Violations You Can Avoid?

When you are making a delivery with your flatbed, the main goal is to safely and efficiently deliver the cargo to its destination. One way to avoid any delays when delivering the items on your truck is proper cargo securement before you head out on the road. Exercising proper cargo control can help you avoid any problems during road checks that occur while you are on the highway. Knowing the proper way to perform flatbed load securement can save you from having any troubles if you encounter a road check on your delivery route. Read on to discover flatbed load securement violations that you can avoid before heading out on the road.

Flatbed Load Securement Violations & Preventions

Here are some steps you can take to avoid flatbed load securement violations:

  • Shifting loads - A cargo load must be properly secured to prevent it from shifting on the confines of the transport vehicle. Cargo that moves out of place after being secured can be marked as a violation.
  • Tie-downs in bad shape - Federal law prohibits the use of cargo control equipment that is damaged or worn down. The amount of wear and tear that counts as “normal” varies so it is best to err on the side of caution.
  • Tie-downs that are loose or insufficient - The law lets drivers know how many tie-downs are necessary for any load before being considered an insufficient amount. In addition, tie-downs not considered to be loose will likely pass a road check inspection. Everything needs to be secured tightly whether it is secured with a strap or chains.

Flatbed Products To Secure Your Load

Tri-City Canvas Products specializes in flatbed products that safely and properly secure your cargo load. Successfully securing your cargo before starting your delivery will prevent problems once you arrive at a road check further down the highway. Following the recommendations listed above can help you safely make your delivery as well as complete the transport process without any delays from officials needing to check your straps and tie-downs. Properly securing the cargo to be delivered before you start driving is the first, and best, step towards a delivery without any complications.

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