Flatbed Trailer Bulkheads

Flatbed trailer bulkheads are attached to the trailer. Trailer bulkheads are easy to install and can be removed when you don’t need it. A flatbed bulkhead protects from shifting cargo. Truck drivers will also use bulkheads on shifting cargo in a dry van trailer that is closed in. Check out our full line of cargo control products to secure your loads.

  • Sturdy Lite Bulkhead


    Aluminum 48" Bulkhead - 22" Turnback

    PLEASE INDICATE TRAILER WIDTH 96" OR 102". This product is not available for ups shipping.  Please call for price & shipping rates and other info 800-966-1662.  48" Bulkhead for Trailer w/ 22" turnback

  • Trailer Bulkhead For Flatbeds


    Aluminum 48" Trailer Bulkhead - 10" Turnback

    Trailer Bulkhead For Flatbeds This trailer bulkhead for flatbeds is 48" with a 10" turnback. It is an affordable, heavy-duty trailer bulkhead.  PLEASE SPECIFY TRAILER WIDTH 96" OR 102" On Flatbed Trailer Bulkheads. This product is not...