Coil Racks & Beveled Timber

Choose from light duty coil racks or our larger heavy-duty coil racks. Coil racks are used when transporting metal or steel coils on flatbed trailers. Coil racks and beveled timber will keep your coils from moving.

Custom Coil Bag Tarps

Our custom coil bag tarps are made by Tri-City Canvas and they come in a variety of colors and custom sizes. These custom coil bags are heavy-duty and will protect your steel or aluminum coils or cylinder shaped cargo. Contact us if your have any questions on our custom coil bags.

Flatbed Load Securement Products

Our flatbed load securement products are designed to secure and protect your flatbed loads. You may also need our winch & ratchet straps or our transport chains and clevis hooks to secure your flatbed loads. 

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