24" - 14-Notch Chain Rack - Heavy Gauge Aluminum

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CR 24
6.00 LBS
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Chain Hanger, 24"-14 Notch Chain Racks For Headache Rack

Bolt On Locking Chain Hanger


This 24” bolt on locking chain hanger is made by Sturdy-Lite.  It is constructed from heavy gauge aluminum and has 14 notched slots that holds ⅜” chain clevis.  There is a hole for locking down your chain racks. Weld or bolt the chain hanger to your cab rack, headache rack or bulkhead. We also have a 48” truck chain rack with 28 notched slots.



Chain Racks For Semi Trucks

Chain racks for semi trucks will keep your chains organized and in place. Locking chain racks prevent theft and the chains will always be there when you need it.


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